Dark Heart (king_bidgood) wrote in smashed_potatoe,
Dark Heart

spindel's end by Robin McKinly

k this is a version of Sleeping beauty. in this version the king and queen have the baby. they give he 21 names, so he also gets 21 godparents. on her name-day the evil fair Prnicia, comes and curses her on acount of that she has a grudge against all the born-into-being-queen queens of their country. so kat, a fairy from the GIG (a county of that country) stands up and says she will take the prinsecc. so she leave the cassle to hed home with her . once there her aut and her self raise her. durring this time she lerns to be a black smith, and when 19 fallis in love with her master (Narl). than 3 months befor her 21st birth day a guy comes and takes her and her friend to a nerby caslre thingy to prepare for the birthday ball, when her curse will ofisholy be over. they (meaning her friend, herself, her "ant, Kat, and the guy") deside to say that her friend, Peony, is the princess, as Peony has alredy fallin in love whith the prince, and looks the part, as rosi, the princess, is fare from a proper princess. once the ball comes Peniccia comes, steels Peony, and than they (Rosie, Narl and all her animal friend, who she tallks to) have to go find her. and from hear on you have to read.

I give it 8.5 / 10 because I likesd it, but it lost points because of over use of the word "and"
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