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Pride and Predudice, by Jane Austin

WOOT WOOT!!!!! first review.
k so I read Pride and Predudice in 2004. I started it because my oldest sister, Camille, had to read it in her senior class, and was enjoying it.
It is a fictional novle, about a girl in the 1800s, full of Pride,and inclined to fall to predudice.
After being slited at a dance by a hansome man, she desides she will hate him forever. This act causes her to be so set in her hatred that she does not question the bad storys she is told by a "friend". She gets so convinced that this man dispises her that she does not relize that he is taribly in love with her.
her hatred depens when she relizes that this man is responcible for perswading her sisters boyfriend to dump her sister.
him, not relizing that she hates him, proposes to her. in this proposel he telles her that he has loved her against his will, angainst his principels, and against his better judgement. as you can see, this was very insulting. so she declines the offer, but wishes him to renew his adresses, when she fals in love with him whil touring the derbishire (where he lives) with her aunt and uncle. but he is not able to, as her sister runs of with and offiser but does not get married (so obviosly she living, unmaried, with him). this insedent causes her to have to returne home. I would tell more but i just runed 3/4ths of the book for you. if you want to know the end e mail me. yellowtaubbyboy@yahoo.com

9.7 / 10
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